The Clamour about the ‘Heartbeat’ Law Gets Louder in Hollywood

Hollywood filmmakers are infuriated by the fact that the Democratic representative, Stacey Abrams, hasn’t supported their fierce opposition related to the initiative to boycott Georgia for passing the abortion law. So the named Democrat went to California in an attempt to hold a low-key meeting with the studios’ representatives. The meeting was far from pleasant, with Abrams facing a series of straightforward questions.

One of the moviemakers wanted her to give a valid reason for them to continue filming in the state that advocated for values that they couldn’t support. Abrams answered that she believed that boycott was a legitimate means for the political fight. But, in this particular case, she doubted that this was going to contribute to their cause.

The movie business that immensely contributes to Georgia’s economy is considering a full-blown rebellion after the state governor signed the anti-abortion bill turning it into the law. This law will prevent abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy when most women have no idea they’re pregnant.

Some Hollywood producers announced they would start avoiding Georgia and opt for other locations for their movie productions, while the local producers from Georgia fear that the Gov. Kemp’s decision is going to bring some irreparable damage to the state’s reputation in the movie business.

Abrams worries that this decision of the Hollywood producers may cause the snowball effect that will make other industries consider making similar moves.

Kemp Doubts the Threats Are Serious

On the other hand, her opponent, who won the race for governor in Georgia, tried to appease the rebellious producers by promising he would keep the tax credits. However, Gov. Kemp didn’t miss the opportunity to mock their opposition in his interview for the Atlanta Journal. He was also adamant in holding his ground when this discriminating anti-abortion law was in question, saying he wouldn’t back down despite the numerous political pressures from the opposition.

He claimed in the same interview that he was not intimidated by the threatening voices from Hollywood. The governor stated that most of the Hollywood people who had the opportunity to work in Georgia knew that it offered great movie-making environment accompanied by the highly professional staff.

The meeting that originated from the initiative of one of the highest ranked CBS representatives was a bitter reminder of the conflict between the Georgia legislation and the Hollywood “hot shots.” Abrams tried to convince the audience comprised of the people working in the movie industry not to make rash decisions because the legislative battle over this controversial issue might take years to finish.

She asked them to be patient and see what the outcome of the upcoming elections would be. There is an election for the state legislative body due next year, and overall state elections coming 2020. Abrams hopes that Democrats are going to use these opportunities and turn the political tides in Georgia.

The anti-abortion law has a long way to go and many obstacles to overcome before its implementation starts next January. The first challenge is passing the Federal Court that even Republicans don’t believe it is possible. Many of them hope the Federal Court is going to reject it, so the entire issue will go straight to the Supreme Court and become the law that will send the 1973 act that legalized abortion to history.

Leaving Georgia Is Hard

The entire process of leaving Georgia will be a long and arduous one. The movie industry has made long-term investments to create an intricate web of expensive studios, sound stages, and various additional equipment that would be hard to move.

Georgia also offered the most favorable tax credits to the movie industry, which led to the $2.7 billion directly infused into the state budget last year. There were also over 450 projects that provided a job for 92,000 people.

Republican state representatives believe that the industry that indulges the most generous’ tax cuts shouldn’t interfere with the state policy. They also didn’t miss to mock Stacey Abrams who lost the race for governor saying that even though she wasn’t governor, Hollywood was the perfect place where she could pretend to be one.

At the same time, Abrams decided to call out Kemp for ignoring the Hollywood producers’ calls for a meeting since he already postponed his visit to Los Angeles in May. She added she felt the need to hear these people and their bitter objections to the state anti-abortion policy since “the elected state leader refuses to take the hits if he has to.”

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